Why invest in a dish wash gel that’s effective and economical

Be it for cooking or snacking, the kitchen sees a flurry of activity throughout the day. Because cooking and cleaning in the kitchen go hand in hand, it’s assumed that you have the cleaning down pat. This is because most people equate clean utensils with a clean kitchen. However, this is far from the truth as there are many areas apart from utensils like the countertops, sink, scrubber, appliance handles, cutting boards, etc. where invisible germs and bacteria keep lurking.

Bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, campylobacter, norovirus etc. are commonly found in kitchens and can survive on surfaces from anywhere between a few hours to a few months. An experiment revealed that the kitchen sink had more coliform and fecal coliform bacteria than the bathroom sink and that kitchen sponges were the germiest items in the kitchen. Plus, with the ongoing pandemic, the items brought to the kitchen from outside may harbor viruses that may linger on the surfaces and pose a threat to the health and safety of the people.

These observations make it even more important to pay better attention to kitchen disinfection. But most ordinary dish wash gels contain harsh chemicals and work only on utensils. Grease and Grime are their focus areas and not disinfection. Therefore, women have to invest in other products to clean other kitchen surfaces. Even products used to clean other surfaces – mostly soap and water or detergent, do not effectively rid these contaminated surfaces of germs. Also, the cost of investing in these products goes sky high due to the high quantity needed. So, why invest in products that make a hole in your pocket but don’t end up giving results?

To combat these problems, it is necessary and wise to invest in a dish wash gel that works not only on utensils, but also other kitchen surfaces and offers long-term protection from germs. And in doing so, the Emasol Dish Wash Gel makes for the perfect fit. Why it makes for an effective and economical investment is:

  • It is also the first ever 3 in 1 product in India – it has been specially formulated to clean tough oil and grease from utensils, grease from kitchen surfaces like tiles, stove and sink and get rid of harmful bacteria.
  • It comes with the power of tamarind and lemon that aid cleaning and disinfection while leaving your kitchen sparkling and feeling fresh.
  • Its special formation is mild on human skin
  • Also, the gel-based formula of the Emasol Dish Wash Gel is soft on the hands. It does not leave residue behind, and just a few drops of it make for hassle free cleaning. Soap bars and detergents melt away with use, but the Emasol Dish Wash Gel can be used to the last drop. It is one product that is a solution for all your kitchen cleaning needs and the best economical choice in the market with 500 ml available at just Rs. 90.

    Kitchen cleaning doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. Expect top notch disinfection with the Emasol Dish Wash Gel and keep your kitchen free from germs and your family safe from infections.

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