Why Do You Require The Best Floor Cleaner?

What we know is that our homes are the biggest hotspots of germs and viruses. From the toilet to the kitchen to the floors, every surface harbours germs that can prove to be dangerous for health. Though we do give ample attention to home hygiene, the situation caused by the pandemic now requires to be more vigilant when it comes to safety and be prepared with something extra to combat germs.

Also, the problem is no more about your home being visibly dirty. Germs aren’t visible to the naked eye and are presumably present everywhere throughout your home. This is a unique problem to tackle from problems that give us a cue of germ presence. For example, if one suffers from bad breath, we know there are germs in the mouth and the effect of the toothpaste has waned. This is a cue to us, even though we can’t see the germs in the mouth. Similarly, you may know an anti-perspirant deodorant has stopped working if you sweat and start emitting body odour.

These examples give us an indication of germ presence. But what about the times you are unaware of germ presence, especially in your home which is supposed to be your safe haven?

What do you do about the germs you can’t see building up over the course of the day?

Pets in the house, or people entering home from outside after a grocery run, food being delivered in packets, etc. all means an influx of germs in the home. One of the susceptible areas to such germs are the floors of your home. In a country where people spend most of their time on the floor – having meals, sleeping on the floor, walking around barefoot or having children play on the floor, the need for disinfecting the floor with a product that gives longer germ-protection from invisible germ build-up thus taking care of the family’s safety is of top priority.

This can be achieved by Emami Emasol Floor Cleaner, India’s first floor cleaner to be powered with the unique BGV24 technology. This unique formulation creates an antimicrobial shield on the floor and gives it up to 24-hours of germ protection in just one use.

Not just germs, home floors are also contaminated by insects and see germ build-up due to insects like cockroaches, houseflies, etc. If the germs brought in by these insects are not gotten rid of, they can pose a health issue to children who spend most of their time playing on the floor or picking crumbs and putting it in their mouth. In this case, the Emasol Floor Cleaner acts as an insect repellent due to the power of natural oils of Citronella and Lemongrass.

The Emasol Floor Cleaner doesn’t have coarse or harsh chemicals which are found in ordinary cleaners. These chemicals tend to stick to the floor and cause further corrosion to the tiles. As opposed to the this, the Emasol Floor Cleaner doesn’t leave any residue and leaves floors non-sticky and shiny.

Given today’s situation and the country’s cultural traditions, it is imperative to invest in a floor disinfectant that offers germ protection for a longer period of time to keep you and your family safe.