Things you should remember to disinfect

Cleaning the house everyday is without a doubt a tedious process and missing a few spots here and there can be pretty natural. But by neglecting these spots you are putting yourself and your family’s health at a great risk. So here are those 3 places that you may be occasionally be missing out and here’s how you can disinfect them effectively.



Windows are touched at least a couple of times in a day by multiple people in the house. Window panes should definitely be added in your daily disinfection routine to kill the viruses and germs that are present on them and prevent it from making you sick.


Kitchen Appliances

Daily use kitchen appliances like toaster, blender, mixer grinder, etc are touched at least once a day by more than one person. Disinfect your kitchen appliances immediately after you use them so there are no germs or viruses sitting on its surface waiting to transfer itself on the next person that touches it.


TV remote

Just like your smart phone and your laptop, your TV remote comes in contact with everyone in the family multiple times in a day. Make sure to always disinfect your TV remote before and after you touch it to avoid of transfer of germs and viruses.


For quick and effective disinfection, try Emasol All Purpose Surface Sanitizer that kills 99.99% germs and viruses within 30 seconds on multiple hard and soft surfaces. Moreover, it is formulated with the advanced BGV24 technology developed by Emasol that protects surfaces from germs for upto 24 hours, so you don’t need to disinfect surfaces frequently throughout the day.