The safe and simple way to clean and disinfect your kitchen

Kitchen is that one place in your house that probably needs more cleaning than the other areas. Simply because the food that you consume gets cooked in this area and the germs and bacteria lying around on your counter top and gas stoves could find their way into your food. Wiping your counters with a wet kitchen cloth or a sponge doesn’t destroy harmful viruses. The same goes for the cabinets, drawers, sink and every little corner of your kitchen that was has been touched by human hands. Here’s an easy two step process which will help you to not only clean your kitchen but also disinfect it so that your kitchen is not the reason you fall sick.


Step 1: Clean everything!

Cleaning removes visible dirt and bacteria as well as leftover food particles that might cause you to fall ill. Wash your utensils, dry them with a dry cloth and put them back in the cabinets. Wipe down your countertops, gas stoves, cabinets and drawers and your kitchen sink using warm water and a suitable disinfectant. A multipurpose cleanser like Emasol Dishwash gel serves the dual purpose of not only cleaning your utensils but also clean and disinfect your kitchen surfaces. It also has the power of tamarind and lemon that removes tough grease and oil from all multiple kitchen surfaces while killing 99.9% germs and viruses.

The safe and simple way to clean and disinfect your kitchen2



Step 2: Sanitize everything!

After cleaning, the next step is sanitizing that helps kill any viruses or germs that are left behind. The reason why you sanitize after cleaning is because it is most effective in this order. Using a good quality sanitizer is a must since that decides the faith of the life threatening germs and viruses lurking in your kitchen. Try Emasol All surface Sanitizer that kills 99.99% germs and viruses within 30 seconds from multiple hard and soft surfaces. The best part about Emasol All Surface Sanitizer is that you don’t need to wipe down the surface after sanitizing it. Just make sure that you spray it on surfaces that have already dried up and let the sanitizer air dry before it is being touched again.


The safe and simple way to clean and disinfect your kitchen3


Emasol with its advanced BGV24 protects your kitchen for upto 24 hours, something that no other cleaning and disinfectant solution has to offer yet. Using Emasol means protecting your kitchen surfaces for a longer period so that you don’t have to worry about germs buidups all day long