The Best For Toilet Hygiene And Disinfection

Toilets are breeding ground for germs which cause infections and diseases like diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and typhoid which are especially a cause of concern for kids. Thus, it is a good thing that awareness regarding toilet maintenance and cleaning has increased manifold today. People have become more aware with regards to the methods of cleaning and products used for disinfection.

Flushing the toilets leads to a release of germs at least 10 inches up from the toilet seat. Not just this, it is also said that even after flushing, over 1 million bacteria remain alive in the toilet! This calls for effective toilet cleaning products for sanitisation and disinfection of the toilet, doesn’t it?

While bleach and phenyl were the go-to cleaning products, problems like ineffective germ protection, corrosion and harm to the skin led people to search for better alternatives. With research, modern cleaners were innovated keeping in mind these pain points. Today, there are many toilet cleaning products like cleaning liquids, capsules, powders and gel-based toilet cleaners. However, the formula in products like toilet cleaning tablets and capsules risk building up in the tank and damaging the parts by causing corrosion. They also don’t provide a deep cleaning to the toilet or remove stubborn stains thus not fulfilling the need of effective cleaning.

Still, one formula that has stood out and is preferred by many is a gel-based cleaning product. The benefit of these gel-based cleaners is that their formula clings to the toilet bowl instantly giving better coverage and removes germs, grime and lime scale as it swills around with water without requiring much effort of scrubbing.

Another thing to keep in mind before investing in a toilet cleaner is its formulation and number of hours of germ protection. It is imperative to invest in a gel-based toilet cleaner that not only effectively kills germs and viruses, but also prevents germ build up, removes tough stains and works quickly.

The Emami Emasol Toilet Cleaner ticks all these boxes. It is the only toilet disinfectant in India which is made with the unique BGV24 formula – an advanced formulation with a powerful combination of antimicrobials. This BGV24 is unique in the sense that it gives up to 24 hours of safety from 99.9% of disease-causing germs and viruses with one use.

Two times more powerful than phenyl, Emasol Toilet Cleaner’s angled bottle allows for access under the rim and its formulation removes helps remove hard water stains and leave the toilet bowl sparkling white! It is especially effective on 10 types of tough stains like magnesium and calcium deposits, iron rust, black and green mould, running water stains, yellowing, green algae, mud deposits and manganese sulphate deposits. It also has a special Malodor formula which helps keep foul odour away from the toilet.

Given the situation today, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and Emami Emasol Toilet Cleaner helps you do just that.