Perfect bathroom cleaning and germ protection in 5 minutes

Bathroom cleaning is a chore that many tend to put off due to the sheer effort involved in it. A bathroom has to not only look sparkling clean but also be germ-free to ensure that your family is safe from the threat of infections. This is a task that requires attention and therefore it is imperative to find the right cleaning product for the job. Though, there are lots of popular brands in the market, they don’t offer that something extra. Many of the products which are quite heavy on the pocket end up fulfilling only the basic criteria of cleaning or germ kill which is not enough today. The bottle you grab from the cleaning aisle should address the below-mentioned areas of bathroom cleaning.

Long-term germ protection: The bathroom is a space which, apart from the floor, has a lot of fittings that are frequently used. That is why it is important that the bathroom cleaner you use not just cleans and sparkles these fixtures but also prevents recontaminationto protect your family from infection-causing germs.

Multipurpose use: As mentioned above, the bathroom is a space that has a lot of frequently in-use fittings like the taps, shower panels, basin, tiles, etc. Keeping them germ-free and clean is as important as keeping the floor clean. However, most popular brands out there don’t address this need and can be used to only mop the bathroom floor. This requires the consumer to shell out more on different products to clean the same area, thus disturbing their budget.

Preventing mold and mildew: Mold and mildew on bathroom surfaces and walls is not just unpleasant but can be the cause of infections. Therefore, your bathroom cleaner must be able to remove mold and mildew effectively without tedious scrubbing.

Cleaning hard water stains and soap scum: Limescale or mineral deposits that look like brown or reddish stains are a hotspot of bacteria that can harm your family’s health. If not taken care of, they can cause wound infections or urinary tract infections. Hence, investing in a bathroom cleaning product that effectively gets rid of these stains and soap scum with minimal scrubbing is essential.

Long-lasting fragrance: While you sparkle your bathroom, don’t forget that it also requires to smell good. Mold, mildew and soap scum can leave the bathroom with a musty odour. Not just for you, but also if you’re having guests over, an effective cleaner that provides long-lasting fragrance is an prudent investment.

Quick disinfection: Any disinfectant sprayed on a surface remains wet for a specific period of time to kill the bacteria present on it. This is known as its ‘kill time’. Given today’s fast paced life, it is essential that an ideal disinfectant offers a rapid yet realistic kill time to eliminate germs and viruses.

It is critical that you keep these points in mind while choosing a disinfectant for your bathroom. The Emasol Bathroom Cleaner is made with a unique combination of antimicrobials and offers up to 24 hours of protection from viruses and germs in one use. Not only this, it removes tough stains and can be used to clean wall tiles, sinks, faucets, shower panels, etc. It also comes with the inclusion of natural ingredients like Neem and Nilgiri oil which lend a lingering fresh fragrance to the bathroom. All in all, the Emasol Bathroom Cleaner goes above and beyond popular products and gives what you can call ‘smart cleaning’; it takes your infection worries away without being heavy on the pocket.