Ordinary home cleaner v/s best home cleaners

Home cleaning isn’t just a matter of a sparkling clean home or about basic germ kill. It’s a lot more. Longer germ protection and effective solutions to other cleaning issues are gaining importance too. This task rests on the shoulders of the women of the abode who want more from the disinfectants they purchase but there is a dearth of products that have this something more to offer. Popular cleaners, have still not gone beyond good cleaning and 99% germ kill and they also come at prices that pinch the pocket.

No long-term germ protection: In today’s times, preventing the recontamination of frequently in-contact surfaces is a priority for all families. However, most home cleaning products offer germ protection only for a limited time as their effect fades away after a few hours. This leads to the family not being protected from the threat of infections. It also ups the burden of constant cleaning and makes it a time-consuming affair for most homemakers.

No multi-purpose functions: Most ordinary home cleaners don’t serve more than one function. They also cannot be used on different surfaces of the house. For example, an ordinary dish wash gel will only clean the dishes but won’t help clean the stove or sink. This leads to the consumer having to purchase multiple products to clean the sameroom or area thus probably causing a dent in their monthly budget.

No long-lasting fragrance &Malodour Control: Spaces like the toilet and bathroom which are used frequently irrespective of the size of the family, require to remain fresh throughout the day. However, the fragrance of most popular home cleaners fades off after a couple of hours, leaving the space susceptible to smelling foul on recurrent use.

No quick kill time: Given today’s fast-paced life, consumers are looking for home cleaning liquids that offer a rapid yet realistic kill time to eliminate germs and viruses. Alas, many ordinary liquids take a longer contact time and don’t even last through the day thus making the process of disinfection ineffective.

No thick gel formula: Frequently used areas like the bathroom and toilet require a strong formulation to help get rid of mould, mildew and tough stains. However, the liquid formulation of most cleaners doesn’t cling to the surface thus requiring more scrubbing and more product. This not only uses more product but also makes the chore extremely tiresome for the consumer.

A look at the above-mentioned points suggests that choosing an ordinary home cleaner becomes unproductive and unprofitable for the consumer. A range that is a cut above the rest is the EmamiEmasol Home Hygiene Solutions range of disinfectants that are India’s first to be made with the powerful antimicrobial BGV24 formulation. It offers long-lasting protection from germs and viruses and multiple benefits for the consumer. The brand calls this modern age hygiene standard as Smart Safeaai

For example, the Dish Wash Gel can also be used to remove grease and oil from the sink, stove and countertop apart from the dishes. The Bathroom Cleaner can be used to clean different surfaces (tiles, faucets, etc.) and the Floor Cleaner can also repel household insects thanks to the power of its natural ingredients like Neem and Lemongrass. The thick-gel formula of the Toilet Cleaner too provides multiple benefits of cleaning, yellow stain removal and malodour control.

This gives them an edge over other home hygiene products in the market. Another USP of the Emasol range is that it comes at a budget-friendly price so it offers more for less making it an all-round profitable purchase for every consumer.