How to select the right disinfectant for your home hygiene needs

Today, maintaining home hygiene has become an indispensible part of daily routine. This comes with its own challenges, so choosing any home cleaning product without checking its effectiveness isn’t a wise choice anymore. To ensure that your home is safe from germs and viruses, look for these characteristics when you invest in buying your home disinfectant.

  1. Long-term germ protection – Every home sees a flurry of activity throughout the day and frequently touched surfaces can be a hotbed of germs. Ordinary home cleaners work only for a limited period of time and hence do not thwart the risk of re-contamination. This is a health hazard but with everyone being pressed for time, it is not possible to engage in continued cleaning and disinfection. Hence, the need for long-lasting germ protection arises. This need is met by the Emami Emasol Home Hygiene Product Range which is the first and only in India to be equipped with the BGV24 formula. This one-of-a-kind formulation works round-the-clock after just one use and offers your home upto 24-hour protection from germs and viruses.
  2. Kill Time – Any disinfectant sprayed on a surface remains wet for a specific period of time to kill the bacteria present on it. This is known as its ‘kill time’. Given today’s fast paced life, it is essential that an ideal disinfectant offers a rapid yet realistic kill time to eliminate germs and viruses. Products like the BGV24 equipped Emami Emasol Range have quick kill times for specific virus hotspots in your home. The Emasol All Surface Sanitizer gives protection from 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds, the Emasol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner kills germs in 2 minutes while the Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner takes only 5 minutes to effectively eliminate bacteria.
  3. Alcohol Content – The alcohol content in sanitizers is one hallmark of its effectiveness. Sanitizers with a higher alcohol content are not only effective on different types of germs, but can also be used on multiple surfaces. An alcohol content of 70% is considered ideal for a sanitizer to kill bacteria from surfaces. This makes the BGV24 equipped Emami Emasol All Surface Sanitizer an ideal choice for routine surface disinfection. It not only gives long-term germ protection, but also makes it the best choice for multiple types of hard and soft surfaces

It is important that you look for all these characteristics in your home disinfectant. The Emami Emasol Home Disinfectant Range offers more than any ordinary disinfectant and is specifically designed to take your worries away!