How to select the best toilet cleaner liquid

A clean toilet is an essential part of a clean home. It isn’t just an indicator of safety but is also a matter of pride when you have guests coming over.   

When you think of toilet cleaning, you probably picture a bucket, mop and some cleaning chemicals. That’s all you need, right? Well, maybe not. Some cleaning products are too strong and contain harmful chemicals while some just aren’t strong enough.  

So what is the best toilet cleaning product out there? Here are some qualities that will help you choose an effective toilet cleaning liquid.  

Long-term protection from germs and virus– Traditional bleach-based cleaning liquids may remove stains but won’t remove the dangerous viruses, bacteria, and germs. This is because their effect fades after a few hours and leaving the area susceptible to infection-causing germs again. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in a toilet cleaning liquid that not just cleans toilet stains but also offers long-term protection from germs and viruses to keep your family safe. After all, you always worry about the safety of your family.  

Thick gel based formula – Products like bleach and phenyl which were usually the products used for toilet cleaning have become passé due to ineffective cleaning capability and skin problems that they cause. New toilet cleaning products like tablets, powders and capsules hold a risk of building up in the tank and causing corrosion.  Therefore, gel-based toilet cleaning products are soon becoming a preferred choice because their formula clings to the toilet bowl instantly and gives better coverage to removes germs, tough grime and lime scale as it swills around with water without much effort of scrubbing. 

Pleasant fresh odour –Who does not like a fresh smelling clean toilet? Ordinary toilet cleaners are made with toxic chemicals and leave behind a chemical-like unpleasant scent in your toilet. Hence, choosing a toilet cleaner that can mask foul odours even after frequent use is a necessity.  

How does having these qualities in your floor cleaner help you?  

First, it saves you embarrassment. You don’t have to worry about spritzing air freshener after use as the malodour technology will mask any bad odours. Along with that, you will be assured that none of your guests will be exposed to infection-causing germs because of all-day germ protection. 

Second, it saves you money. Because ordinary toilet cleaners don’t mask foul odours, you have to incur the cost of separately buying air fresheners. But investing in a toilet cleaner that integrates the function of malodour control will help you save more you the cost of separately buying air fresheners for your toilet.  

Third, it’s quick. A superior quality disinfectant will always act fast on germs. Any disinfectant that’s sprayed on a surface remains wet for a specific period of time to kill the germs or viruses present on it. This is known as its ‘kill time’. In today’s fast paced life, it is essential that your disinfectant offer a rapid yet realistic kill time to eliminate germs and bacteria.  

One such toilet cleaning liquid disinfectant is the Emasol Toilet Cleaner whose germ protection action begins in 5 minutes and its powerful antimicrobial formulation kills 99.9% germs for up to 24-hours throughout the day to prevent recontamination. It is also armed with the unique Malodour Control Formula that imparts a long-lasting and refreshing fragrance in your toilet.  

Toilet cleaning is a strenuous job, the Emasol Toilet Cleaner makes it easy. It is a cost effective, multipurpose, efficient and the best choice to ensure that your toilet is safe to use. Give your toilet the shield of safety by making a SMART choice with the Emasol Toilet Cleaner today.