How to select the best floor cleaner

In the past couple of years, the whole world has seen a paradigm shift in the attitude towards cleaning and home cleaning products. A research showed that consumers felt that cleaning their house floors twice would make them feel ‘safer’. Therefore, it is not just stain removal that is of importance now, but protection from germs and viruses. Research suggests One of the areas of our homes that are most prone to germ build-up are the floors – especially the living room floor and kitchen floor due to being high foot traffic areas.  

However, floor cleaning is quite the back-breaking activity. However, between long working hours, managing the kids and completing household chores, where is the time to clean twice a day? Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right cleaning products to transform floor cleaning from a worrisome to a worry-free activity.  

Regular home cleaning products are not the same as disinfectants as they don’t help neutralise or kill germs present in the area. Therefore, whenever you look out for floor cleaning products for cleaning tile or marble floors, these are a few qualities that you must look out for in it.  

Ability to provide long-term germ protection – One of the most important qualities a floor cleaning liquid must possess is the ability to stop germs and viruses for building up through the day. This is not something that popular floor cleaners deliver because their effect fades through the day leaving your floors susceptible harmful germs. Therefore, it is important to choose a floor cleaning liquid whose powerful antimicrobial formulation works through the day to prevent germ recontamination thus keeping your family safe from infection-causing germs. 

While germ-kill is the main feature you must look out for in a home floor cleaner, there are two other qualities it must possess to offer a sense of all-round cleanliness. 

Ability to repel household insects naturally – Our homes are a hotspot for disease-causing insects. Cockroaches appearing out of kitchen floor drains or ants crawling across the floor are an indication that our floors aren’t actually clean. Using conventional and traditional methods of killing insects – using a chemical chalk or using bug sprays are not only ineffective but also harmful, especially for the kids. Therefore, a floor cleaner that integrates the insect repellent action with the help of natural ingredients apart from cleaning should be on your list. 

Ability to keep your home fresh and fragrant all day naturally – One major aspect of a clean home is its fragrance and freshness. This is because, a pleasant-smelling home isn’t just a subtle indicator of cleanliness but also makes people feel welcomed. Our homes generally tend to start trapping unpleasant odours during changing seasons, for example in closed doors and windows during winters trap in warm air that creates a musty smell. To mask these odours, we use products like scented candles or chemical air fresheners which are not just harmful to respiratory health but also a costly affair. Therefore, why not have a floor cleaning liquid that naturally keeps your home fragrant all day? 

A notch above the popular floor cleaners in the market is the Emasol Floor Cleaner made with the BGV24 technology which is a powerful combination of antimicrobials that kills 99.9% germs for up to 24 hours in one use.  

It also comes with the power of its dual natural oils of Citronella and Lemongrass which act as natural insect repellents. Apart from this, its natural ingredients of Citrus and Lavender spread a long-lasting fragrance in your home.  

The Emasol Floor Cleaner is a perfect example of a SMART, effective and multipurpose product that gives you better results while allowing you to save more.