How to protect yourself from virus prone surfaces

It has been a little over six months since the novel corona virus has changed our lives drastically. Stepping outside with caution has become a must if you want to safeguard yourself from getting infected. Since this new virus is about three times as infectious as influenza, it can survive on surfaces touched by an infectious person for a longer period of time. With the lockdown being eased slowly and gradually and with more and more people stepping out, it becomes important to study the various surfaces prone to being infected and the precautions you need to take to stay safe.

Common surfaces in public spaces like elevator buttons, door handles / knobs, cab doors, etc are touched by a lot of people and are more prone to have the virus sitting on its surface. Studies show that the virus is more likely to persist for a longer period of time on plastic and stainless steel, up to almost two to three days.

The best way to ensure you don’t get the virus on your hands is by minimising the number of surfaces you touch. When absolutely unavoidable try using a different body part like elbows and knuckles to touch these surfaces. When you use an elbow or a knuckle to press the lift button, you’ll be safer when you accidentally touch your face later.

However, functioning just with elbows and knuckles cannot be convenient at all times. The alternative for this is to attack the virus on the spot. Emami Emasol Pocket Surface Sanitizer is your best bet to make sure the surface is virus and germ free to touch. The first in the travel friendly size surface sanitizers, it kills virus* and 99.99% germs on all hard surfaces in just 30 seconds^. What makes it the best is the advanced BGV24 formulation that gives germ protection for up to 24 hours. So whether it’s indoors or outdoors it’s a sure shot way to ensure safety. It comes in liquid format with a powerful jet spray which not only ensures better control over spray area but also ensures zero wastage when compared to aerosol based sanitizer sprays.

So stay protected and stay safe by sanitizing surfaces that you come in contact with and prevent getting infected.