How to choose the best cleaner for bathroom Tiles and Floors

The bathroom is prime real estate for germs and bacteria due to being the center of personal hygiene. Apart from bathing, activities like brushing and shaving take place in the bathroom too. And with moisture forming the perfect environment, germs thrive in the bathroom in the form of soap scum collecting on bathtub surfaces and shower heads, tiles and floors gathering mold or mildew and other surfaces collecting grime.

A study by revealed that the shower floor harbored 60 times more germs that the toilet seat. The average bathroom floor has about 764 bacteria per square inch. Harmful bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, streptococcus, etc. are usually found in bathrooms and if left to harbor, they can cause fever, diarrhea, vomiting and athlete’s foot (foot fungus).

And given the pandemic, the use of the bathroom has become more frequent than before. This not only makes it a germ hotspot but leaves it vulnerable to recontamination. Especially on surfaces like tiles which don’t undergo frequent cleaning. Therefore, to make sure your bathroom is hygienic, clean and free of germs, these are some of the qualities you must keep in mind while choosing a bathroom disinfectant.

  • Long-term germ protection – The effect of most ordinary bathroom cleaning liquids fades through the day. This leaves the most susceptible surfaces of your bathroom – tiles and floors, susceptible to germ build-up. Therefore, to save the pain of frequent cleaning and prevent recontamination, it is prudent to invest in a bathroom cleaner which gives longer germ protection.
  • Formulation – Look for a powerful antimicrobial formulation when buying a bathroom disinfectant. A thick gel-based formulation will not only kill germs and viruses, but also remove soap build-up and limescale from surfaces without corroding them.
  • Multipurpose – An effective bathroom cleaner mustn’t only be useful on surfaces with predictable build-up like floors, but should also work on surfaces like tiles, faucets, tubs, etc. which are germ hotbeds.
  • One product that is a cut above the rest and ticks all these boxes is the Emasol Disinfectant bathroom cleaner. Made with the unique antimicrobial BGV24 formulation, it is India’s only bathroom disinfectant to give upto 24 hours of protection from 99.9% of germs and viruses. It’s powerful cleansing formula starts action in 5 minutes and works on all bathroom surfaces like floors, tiles and other fittings. Its gel-based formula helps removes mold and build-up from tiles and grout from floors without leaving behind anyresidue and also doesn’t require much elbow grease in doing so!

    Made without corrosive or harsh chemicals that are harmful to your bathroom or your skin, the Emasol Disinfectant bathroom cleaner is a prime and effective choice for a hygienic, shiny and clean bathroom. Not just this, it is the most affordable, with 500 ml being available for just Rs. 90. Bathroom cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious challenge anymore. Invest in the Emasol Disinfectant bathroom cleaner for a safer, germ-free bathroom and healthier family.

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