How to choose an effective disinfectant

Gone are the days when you could choose any household cleaner or switch between them if your regular ones were out of stock. You can’t just a put a finger on any cleaning product and use it in your house anymore. It’s extremely important to choose an effective disinfectant because that product will decide the fate of the viruses and germs that are lingering around your house.

You also need to make sure the disinfectant you are choosing is coming from a trustworthy brand. The reason being, the formulations used for these products are superior because they go through rigorous tests and inspections. They are certified by proper authorities which guarantee their credibility and in no way can these products be harmful, unless they are ingested or used irresponsibly.

Some of these disinfectants come from trusted brands like Emami’s Emasol’s complete range of home disinfection solutions. These are formulated using superior and advanced formulations like BGV24TM that not only kills viruses* and 99.99% germs from surfaces but also gives upto 24 hours protection^, the first Indian brand to offer this. They are tested and certified products that have gone through various research and development phases that prove its efficacy. Also, each product has its own unique characteristic, for e.g Emasol Floor Cleaner not only disinfects# the floors but also repels insects while Emasol Dish Washing Gel has a powerful lemon formula that removes tough and grease and also keeps the softness of the hands intact. Emasol is truly one of the few Indian home hygiene solutions brand out there that you can trust your home and health with.

These are a few but solid reasons to convince you to choose your disinfectants consciously and stay away from unlabeled and unbranded cleaning products as they are not only ineffective but also they can potentially be harmful.


*As per standard testing protocol on indicator organisms.

^ Based on Standard Laboratory Test Results done in Independent Third-Party Lab.

#Disinfectant refers to all the above products except Dish Wash Gel which is a cleansing gel

With powerful combination of Antimicrobials, the product fights the infection causing Germs (Bacteria, Virus* & Fungi) and kills 99.99% of them in 5 minutes.^

Dish washing gel- With powerful combination of Antimicrobials, the product fights the infection causing Germs (Bacteria, Virus* & Fungi) and kills 99.99%^ of them