How a dish washing liquid can help you clean your whole kitchen

Kitchen in a home has always acted as a place where we everyday celebrate our relationships in the most unique manner; Moms cook food for their children and family; Dads eat breakfast while explaining what it was to be a teenager in their ‘zamana’, and the banter of siblings is ever-going. With this joyful environment, a clean kitchen is what adds up to the essence of a healthy and happy family. And when it comes to a ‘clean kitchen’, a dishwash gel is the MVP of it!

But what if you come to know that you can use only a dishwash gel for cleaning your whole kitchen? Unbelievable, right!

It is evidently known to most of us that a dishwash gel can be used for cleaning dishes and cooking utensils but there are many other ways through which you can use a dishwash gel and make your kitchen become bacteria-free.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are prone to get grease and grime easily. Don’t worry, here is the hack, take a paper towel or a dry cloth and try to remove as much as dried and sticky food particles from the surface and the corners.

Take your dishwash gel and mix it with some water and few drops of lemon juice, and scrub the cabinets using this mixture with a soft sponge. Cleanse them again with some water and voila! Here you are with your brand-new kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning kitchen countertops

Countertops in the kitchen play the utmost role while cooking but they also become home to grease, grime and food stains very quickly. Take a few drops of dishwash gel with some warm water and rub the surface area on the countertops with a soft sponge until the stains and greasy-gooey particles become invisible. Pro tip is to use some olive oilto remove harsh and stubborn stains.

Cleaning the kitchen sink

Sink is where all the cleaning takes place and even though after washing, it may seem crystal clear, the germs and bacteria don’t really go away. Hence, it becomes essential to take some extra care of the sink and that too has become child’s play.

Get rid of excess food particles spread across the sink. Mix your dishwash gel liquid with some lukewarm water and with the help of a soft sponge, start cleaning the sink surface from top to bottom in a circular motion. Rinse the surface again using the same technique.

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances need to be cleaned on a regular basis since they accumulate sticky grease and stains from cooking. The moderate and gentle cleaning power of the dishwashing liquid will assist several appliances like toasters, blenders and refrigerators. 

Take a spray bottle and fill it with a mixture of dishwash gel and water. Sprinkle the solution on to the appliances and rub them using a soft sponge. Clean again with some water and dry them using a soft cotton cloth.

Cleaning Gas Stoves

If kitchen is the stadium for cooking, the gas stove isdefinitely the pitch; hence for a smooth cooking game, it is necessary to care for the stove. Create a mixturecomprising vinegar and two tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of dishwash gel. Coat the grates and caps with this mixture. Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing off the softened food with the sponge. Rinse thoroughly.

The Emasol Dish Wash Gel is the best, most economical pick to do these tasks in the most efficient and smart way. It is not only effective on dishes but can also be used to clean multiple kitchen surfaces like the countertops, gas stove, sink, appliances and cabinet handles. Made with a powerful lemon and tamarind formula, it is sure to do away with tough oil and grease stains and leave your kitchen clean and sparkling. Not just this, it also kills 99.9% germs thus making sure that your kitchen is safe and germ-free!