Floor Cleaners that are beyond doubt the best buys in the category

Floor Cleaning is a regular chore in every household. A task carried out atleast once in a day, without fail. But cleaning alone is not enough anymore; disinfecting has become a new norm too. So you surely require a cleaner cum disinfectant in today’s times. One that effectively cleans and disinfects all your different types of floor surfaces. Then again with people coming in and out of your house how many times do you require to disinfect? If you could simply find a floor cleaner that cleans and protects you floors for a longer period wouldn’t it be perfect?

Emami Emasol Floor Cleaners have come up with just that. Its advanced antimicrobial BGV24 formula protects your floors from 99.9% germs and virus for upto 24 hours. So clean once and lay aside your worries for the 24 hours! Now that’s a first in India.

But that’s not all, the formulation has the added power of Lemongrass (Citronella) and Neem both excellent plant based natural oils that over centuries are known to be effective insect repellents. This helps protect your family from harmful chemical based insect repellents.

So that makes it a triple action product that cleans the toughest of stains, disinfects and protects your floors for upto 24 hours while keeping common household insects including mosquitoes away from your floors. And all this at an unbeatable price that you wouldn’t expect. You surely could not ask for more.

Emami Emasol Floor cleaners come in two fragrance variants, Citrus and Lavender both of which you will surely love. Proudly made in India by Emami, a brand trusted by women for years, Emami Emasol Floor Cleaners are undoubtedly the best buys when it comes to Floor Cleaners.