Though most of India still uses bars for dish washing purposes, here are some solid reasons why you should switch to Emasol Dish Wash Gel at the earliest.
A. Bars are difficult to use, considering you have to scrub the surface of the bar with a sponge before you clean your utensils whereas for a Dish Wash Gel, you just need to add a few drops to a bowl of water to have a hassle free cleaning.
B. Bars have corrosive qualities, tending to make your skin dry and coarse. Emasol Dish Wash Gel is harsh on the stains, but gentle on your hands.
C. There tends to be a lot of wastage with the dish wash bar, as it gets very cumbersome to use with the reduction in size as you use it. Most of us throw away the little remnants of the bar that becomes sticky and brittle at the end. But hey! You not only paid for it, in fact wastage is always damaging to the environment as well. On top of that, one needs to scrape the remains of the old bar which sticks to the stand/ box into which it is put. For a Dish Wash Gel, you can use even the last drop of it. And no more sticky bar remains in boxes.
D. While bar could only be used for cleaning your utensils, Emasol Dish Wash Gel is one stop product for cleaning all kitchen surfaces and utensils.

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