Effective disinfection and protection of your home

The entire world has been living fearfully and fighting a pandemic for many moons now. Staying indoors, washing hands frequently and wearing a mask in public have become a necessity and part of our lifestyle by now. Apart from these, disinfection and sanitisation of homes are a must too as it helps kill the invisible virus* that could be lingering around on any surface.  While it can be difficult to frequently clean each and every nook and corner of your house multiple times in a day, protection from the virus becomes important. Here’s how you can effectively disinfect your home while ensuring upto 24 hours of protection* from the novel corona virus.


1.Prioritise high contact surfaces

There are multiple surfaces in your house like doorknobs, taps, handles, tables, chairs, etc that are touched more frequently and by multiple people in comparison to other surfaces in your house. A surface sanitiser works best to instantly kill viruses, germs and bacteria. However high contact surfaces need frequent disinfection which can be difficult to achieve. Try Emasol’s All Purpose Surface Sanitiser that kills viruses and 99.99% germs in 30 seconds while the advanced BGV24TM Formulation gives upto 24 hours protection* from germs, so you just need to disinfect the surfaces just once a day.


2. Basic Bathroom Hygiene

Your bathroom is the place that you use to get rid of germs, so the chances of it becoming a breeding ground of bacteria are high if proper hygiene is not maintained. Disinfecting your bathroom is important but protection is equally essential. Check out Emasol’s Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner that can disinfectant multiple surfaces in your bathroom while giving upto 24 hours protection* from viruses or germs that could potentially make you sick.


3. Pay attention to the floors

The floors in your house accumulate as much viruses and germs as the high contact surfaces especially the entry spaces in your home. Disinfect these floors regularly using an effective floor disinfectant that’s tailor made to kill the tough viruses and germs while also providing protection from them. Try Emasol’s Disinfectant Floor Cleaner for all your floors as it not only disinfects and protects surfaces from viruses and germs but also repels household insects and leaves a long lasting fragrance behind.



*As per standard testing protocol on indicator organisms.

^ Based on Standard Laboratory Test Results done in Independent Third Party Lab.

With powerful combination of Antimicrobials, the product fights the infection causing Germs (Bacteria, Virus* & Fungi) and kills 99.99% of them in 5 minutes.^

Multi Surface Sanitizer: With powerful combination of Antimicrobials, the product fights the infection causing Germs (Bacteria, Virus* & Fungi) and kills 99.99% of them in 1 minute.^