Disinfecting floor: Here’s the right way to do it

The floors in your home fall under the category of high traffic areas and attract the most germs and viruses. Which is why, regular cleaning and disinfection of floors should be the top priority of every home’s regular cleaning schedule. However, cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. Cleaning helps to remove germs to some extent but does not kill them. Disinfection involves use of chemicals that kills germs on surfaces on the spot. Here are a few cleaning and disinfection tips to make sure your house is spotless as well as germless in all the corners of your home.


Disinfecting hard flooring:

Prior to disinfecting, it’s better to clean your floors first to get rid of most germs and stains before starting with the disinfection process. Make sure you remove all the objects out of the way before you start mopping so that you don’t miss out any spots. Now, clean your floors with a good quality floor cleaner and mop to get rid of tough stains and germs. Let the floors dry for a bit and use a disinfecting solutions to kill the harmful germs and bacteria that are left behind.

It’s also good to know the difference between cleaners that kill bacteria and ones that also kill viruses in which case you should always choose the latter. Many anti-bacterial cleaning agents are also disinfectants that will kill viruses but double check the label.

Emasol Floor Cleaner is one such cleaner and disinfectant all in one. It kills 99.9% germs and viruses and removes tough stains. It also has the power Neem and Lemongrass that not only leaves your floors sparkling clean but also repels bugs and insects. The advanced BGV24 technology is India’s first to offer upto 24 hours protection from germs. It also comes in two refreshing fragrances – Citrus and Lavender that is long lasting and pleasant to the senses.

Thorough and regular cleaning should be enough to reduce the spread of germs in your home. Frequent cleaning is important if someone in your home is sick to lower the risk of germ transmission. Working out a daily floor cleaning schedule can help keep your home and family happy and healthy.