Cleaning vs Disinfecting. What’s the difference?

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, words like cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising are used much more often than in the pre-Covid world. Although they are used interchangeably to convey similar things, they are not the same. Now more than ever it’s important to learn the difference between these terms so you can safeguard your house from the deadly novel corona virus much more effectively.

Everyone wants to live in a clean home environment. There are various degrees of ‘clean’, anything from organising drawers, shelves, tiding up a space, dusting, vacuuming, etc can refer to as cleaning. When you talk specifically about cleaning with soap-detergent or water, it refers to the physical removal of dirt and grime and in the process, some germs and bacteria. Sometimes cleaning tools, including sponges and cloths, simply move germs from one space to another.

Disinfecting on the other hand, refers to the killing of germs and viruses on a surface rendering them incapable of spreading infection. In order to remove the traces of the novel corona virus, it is important to disinfect a surface using an effective disinfectant and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Surfaces around the house that are commonly touched or contacted by multiple people also known as high contact surfaces such as door knobs, tables, chairs, light switches, handles, etc., should be frequently and regularly disinfected.

The most convenient way to disinfect surfaces that get most traffic is by using a good quality surface disinfectant spray that would instantly kill germs and viruses. Try Emasol’s Surface Spray Sanitizer that kills 99.99% virus* and germs within 30 seconds. Just spray it on a surface, let it air dry for a few minutes and that’s it! No need to wipe the surface at all after spraying.

Other areas around the house that are prone to have the virus sitting on its surface are floors. All the floors around your house need regular disinfection, especially the spaces near the doorway where the shoes are kept and that could have possibly brought the virus along with it. For effective floor disinfection, you should try Emasol Floor Cleaner that not only kills  99.99% virus* and germs, but also repels common household insects. Moreover, it removes tough stains so you don’t have to go through the trouble of first cleaning with detergent and then disinfecting the same surface again.

The differentiating aspect of Emasol disinfectant solutions is it’s advanced BGV24 formulation that gives upto 24 hours protection^ from germs. Now you can be at peace and don’t have to worry about incessantly disinfecting your home round the clock. Just once in a day and you’re done!