A floor cleaner that’s best because it gives you more!

Bugs! They’re so bugging, aren’t they? A cockroach casually skittering out from behind the sofa or an irritating, germs-carrying fly buzzing around the house, parking itself on uncovered food items. Or a trail of ants crawling across the floor to reach its source of food – the kitchen. The regular presence of these insects shows that our supposedly clean homes aren’t really clean. We always have to do something more to stop them from entering our homes.

Ordinary home cleaners only clean away dust and stains but they don’t keep these bugs at bay. Hence, even with daily cleaning, our home remains a hotspot of these insects – especially with the possibility of food crumbs falling on the floor or leaky drain pipes that trap moisture to become a breeding ground for these pests.

Getting rid of these insects isn’t easy unless you have the patience to run after them with a folded newspaper in hand! Therefore, we have resorted to bug sprays, liquids, chalks and gels to keep them away. Though these have been touted to be a quick resort to this ‘bugging’ issue, long-term exposure to the chemicals they contain are very likely to cause health problems. Studies over the years have shown that using these products frequently can cause eye and skin allergies, rashes, difficulty in breathing, coughing and nausea among other problems.

Also, using traditional methods like lining the walls or floors with turmeric powder or placing balls of flour, sugar and boric acid around the corners of the kitchen to keep these pests out don’t give really fruitful results. These can also pose a danger to kids who tend to put everything in their mouths. Also, these measures end up stealing the visual appeal of your home that you so desperately try to keep clean and beautiful.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if you didn’t have to worry about extra measures to keep these bugs out over and above regular cleaning?

To give you a one-up on these bugs in one go, without having to resort to extra measures, one SMART and effective solution is the Emasol Floor Cleaner. A superior choice, its powerful cleansing formula not only gets rid of tough stains but its power of dual natural oils of Citronella and Lemongrass are natural insect repellents that deter insects from entering your home through the day after you’ve cleaned it once. Also, its antimicrobial formulation and natural fragrance ensure your home smells fresh all day and is protected from germs for up to 24 hours.

The Emasol Floor Cleaner is one all-rounder that is best to keep your home sparkling clean, free from germs and disease-causing insects making it a worthy investment. Get it here.