A dish wash gel that cleans more than just utensils!

When life gives you lemons, you enter the kitchen and wash dishes with it! The power of lemons is proven in removing grease and grime when it comes to dish washing. But does dishwashing mean a clean kitchen? There’s a lot more that comes to kitchen cleaning after the dishwashing, the tasks don’t end there. There’s still surface cleaning like the counter tops and gas stove on the list. And today’s times have driven people to clean and disinfect kitchen surfaces multiple times a day. May it be groceries that come in or just a packet of milk, housewives clean all surfaces that touches anything from outside. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of work? Well, in the times of multi-purpose everything, why should your dish wash be any different?

Emasol Dish Wash Gel has got you covered with just the right product to cater to all your kitchen cleaning needs! Emami Emasol Dish Wash Gel not only cleans tough stains from utensils but can be used to clean multiple kitchen surfaces – like the sink, tiles and the stove. No matter how tough and greasy the stains on your kitchen top are, the gel is sure to clean them and leave it sparkling clean. Moreover it’s soft and gentle on your hands. Its combination of antimicrobials fights with the infection causing germs and kills 99.9% of them.

But that’s not it. The product is formulated with an advanced BGV24 formulation which keep the surfaces germ-free and protects it for upto 24 hours! So once you have cleaned and disinfected that stove, you don’t need to worry about it until the next day!