3 steps to toilet cleaning and disinfecting

Regular cleaning of the toilet is an essential part of daily household cleaning. However, it’s a chore that often gets postponed because of the nature of it. On the other hand, a dirty toilet will not only look unpleasant but also smell foul and breed germs. Cleaning alone will not help you get rid of these germs. Hence, disinfection of the toilet is essential to kill all the germs that are there in and around the toilet area. Here are 3 tips, to clean and disinfect your toilet effectively.

1.Cleaning tools

Whatever cleaning tools you use for the toilet (rubber gloves, cleaning brush, etc) should be kept solely for the purpose of cleaning the toilet. Buy them in a distinct colour that’s different from all other cleaning tools in your home, so that they’re not used for anything other than cleaning the toilet. Choose an effective cleaner/disinfectant that not only gets rid of stains but also kills germs in the process. Emasol Toilet Cleaner has a powerful cleansing formula that gets rid of 10 types of tough stains. The advanced BGV24 technology with powerful anti-microbial agents also makes it a great disinfectant that kills 99.9% germs and viruses while giving upto 24 hours germ protection. Moreover, it has the special Malodor Control Technology that gets rid of foul smell and leaves behind long lasting fragrance.


2. Scrub the bowl

The smartest way to clean the toilet is by scrubbing the bowl first. This way, if you splash any dirty water out of the bowl while cleaning, it won’t get parts of the toilet that you’ve already cleaned dirty. Pour the Toilet Cleaner along the rim of the bowl and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Use a cleaning brush to scrub the stains or mineral deposits away. For added cleaning power you can dip the brush in the toilet cleaning solution and scrub away.


3. Clean the rest

After cleaning the bowl, clean the main points of contact, the top and bottom lids and the flush lever. You can use Emasol Bathroom Cleaner to clean these other parts. Use a toothbrush to scrub the hard-to-reach spots between the lid and the body of the toilet. Use an old rag and wipe down the scrubbed parts. Lastly, flush the toilet to dispose of any dirty water that’s accumulated in the bowl.